Midland University Master of Education

Midland University Master of Education

Midland M.Ed. provides classroom teachers and prospective principals with the increased knowledge, improved skills, and enhanced dispositions for leadership in the classroom, school, district, state, and nation.  

You can choose between two concentrations:
Principal Endorsement or National Board Teacher Certification Preparation.

Why the Midland M.Ed.?

Flexible, Hybrid Schedule:
With a hybrid M.Ed., you can take advantage of your classmates' experiences during in-person exercises while still enjoying the flexibility of the online components to help you build a manageable school-life schedule.

Professional Network:
Connect with your classmates and professors during in-person classes on the first and sixth Saturday of each term to build a strong network and make life-long friends. Strngthen your professional relatonships by working together during online weeks.

Experienced Faculty:
Learn from Midland instructors with multiple years of K-12 leadership in education. An individual mentor will engage and support your learning throughout the program.