Principal Endorsement

What You'll Learn

Be a principal that promotes the success and well-being of every student by:

  • Sharing a vision of learning and continuous improvement 
  • Developing and sustaining a culture that embraces rigorous curriculum, effective instructional practices and systemic accountability 
  • Valuing and promoting equity of opportunity, culturally responsive practices and attention to the development of the whole child 
  • Managing the organization, operations and resources Providing a safe, efficient and effective learning environment 
  • Hiring and developing effective staff who build positive relationships and collaborates with colleagues, families and communities 
  • Acting with fairness and integrity with a high level of professional ethics
  • Advocating for policies that promote equity and excellence in support of the school vision


YEAR 1 (General)

          EDU 520 Education Law and Governance (3 credits)
          EDU 521 Societal Frameworks in Education (3 credits)
          EDU 522 Transformational Leadership (3 credits)
          EDU 523 Continuous School Improvement (3 credits)
          EDU 524 Action Research and School Improvement (3 credits)
          EDU 525 Trends in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Programming

YEAR 2 (Principal Endorsement Specific)

          EDU 607 School-Based Experience and School Improvement Action Research
          (3 credits)

          EDU 620 Operational Leadership (3 credits)
          EDU 621 Strategic Leadership (3 credits)
          EDU 622 Instructional Leadership for the Principal (3 credits)
          EDU 623 The Principal Internship (3 credits)
          EDU 698 School Improvement Action Research Project - Capstone (3 credits)